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Forestry Seminar for Private Landowners
Posted 2/22/2018
 February 22 – 24, 2018, NYFOA’s "Learn More, Earn More" Seminars for Private Landowners
 New York State Fairgrounds, 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209, NY FARM SHOW 
 February 22, 2018, 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
 February 23, 2018, 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
 February 24, 2018, 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
 For complete information, topics and agendas: http://bit.ly/2DNNuNz






Tractor Supply Clover Campaign
Posted 2/1/2018


2018 Spring Paper Clover Campaign
April 11th-22nd at your local Tractor Supply
Tractor Supply generously partners with 4-H twice a year for the Paper  Clover Campaign and the  Fulton and Montgomery County 4-H program benefits from this wonderful fundraiser . Show your support by volunteering at either the      Gloversville or Amsterdam stores during April 11th-22nd. Show your 4-H spirit by wearing 4-H t-shirts/sweatshirts, 4-H hats, 4-H pins or  green and white clothing. Please let the 4-H office know what you plan to do, at what store and on what dates by calling 853-2135.

Contact the respective TSC Store Manager to schedule a time for your club to promote 4-H: Amsterdam:  (518) 627-0269 Gloversville:  (518) 725-0036





Joann Store Clover Campaign & Service Project
Posted 2/1/2018

Valentine’s Card Service Project During the month of love, local 4-H’ers will also partner with JOANN to hand-make and deliver custom Valentine’s Day cards to organizations benefiting Seniors in Fulton & Montgomery counties. Local youth are     invited to visit the Amsterdam JOANN store on Saturday, February 3 between 11AM and 2PM where 4-H members will help them create their cards with materials provided by JOANN.

 Paper Clover Campaign – Throughout  February, customers can purchase $1 and $4 Paper Clovers at the cash register to equip local 4-H clubs with resources to reach more kids in need. Each Paper Clover will include instructions for a special Valentine’s Day craft idea that customers can create to share with someone special.  With the $4 Paper Clover, customers will also receive a coupon for $4 off their next purchase.
                                    4-H Paper clover campaign February 2018
                                                    4908 NY-30, Amsterdam, NY 12010





Deer Worm Factsheet
Posted 1/29/2018
Deer Worm Factsheet - prepared for sheep and goat producers
Courtesy of Cornell Sheep & Goat Program and Cornell Ambulatory Veterinary Services

Funding provided by the Beakman Fund and the Hatch & Smith-Lever Federal Capacity Fund Grant "Application of New Concepts for Control of Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats".

What is deer worm? Parelaphostrongylus tenuis (abbreviated P. tenuis), also called deer worm or meningeal worm, is a parasitic worm of ruminants. It is very common in white-tailed deer in the northeastern United States (up to 90% of deer harvested during hunting season have been shown to be infected), but does not cause disease in this species. The worm has an indirect life cycle, requiring land snails or slugs as intermediate hosts before being able to infect a ruminant.

 What animals are affected by the deer worm?






Dealing with Frostbite on Newborn Lambs and Kids
Posted 1/8/2018

Does or ewes with cropped ears due to frostbite damage at birth are not an uncommon sight on Northeast goat and sheep farms.  Although the condition is not life threatening it leads to interesting explanations in the show ring as to why your Alpine looks like a LaMancha. However in severe winters, frost bite can be far more serious affecting even the feet and tails on newborns as well as the teats on milkers.

Holiday Potato Centerpiece
Posted 12/7/2017

 Potatoes anyone? Here is a great activity to do with young and old alike. Very young 4-Hers may need help. 

A potato centerpiece uses a potato in place of oasis. The potato will feed the evergreens for 2-4 weeks. Be sure though that the potato does not freeze, or, instead of just drying, it will rot!!! Nasty!!! Yikes!!


**For Christmas potato arrangements ONLY, at State Fair, I will accept up to 4 silk flowers. Silk poinsettias look very nice in these. 


Have fun!!! Hope to see some of these at State Fair!

             **We will honor this same entry in our 4-H Fair Exhibits. Watch for it in the 2018 4-H Exhibitors Handbook. Georgia



18 Veterans Programs Feeding the Food Movement
Posted 11/14/2017

This Veterans Day, Food Tank brings you 18 initiatives from around the United States that are working to help veterans transition to healthy, productive civilian lives through farming and agriculture.

By providing veterans with roadmaps to help them become integral players in the sustainable food system, these universities, NGOs, and companies work to help participants heal from wounds of all kinds. They work to educate veterans by providing job and skills training, connection to financial and technical resources, and assistance in the difficult task of acquiring land.

The History of National 4-H Week
Posted 9/21/2017



This is the oldest known National 4-H Poster available in archives.






This year we’ll be celebrating National 4-H Week on October 1-7, 2017. Across the country, 4-H members and volunteers will celebrate their achievements and promote 4-H work to families, friends and community leaders.







Grain rescue tube training saves life
Posted 9/7/2017

Webb's fire department is one of dozens in some of the country's top farming communities that have received life-saving grain rescue tubes and training as part of Nationwide's annual Nominate Your Fire Department Contest.

2017 Fonda Fair 4-H Exhibitor's Handbook
Posted 7/10/2017


Here is the 2017 Fonda Fair 4-H Exhibitor’s Handbook.There are a number of changes this year.   
Please check your class numbers & descriptions, some have changed from previous years.
Double entry cards will be handed out when your entry form is submitted. All animal and non-animal entries are due: postmarked by July 28th, delivered to the 4-H office August 1st by 4pm. Faxed or emailed entries must be received by August 1st by 4pm.
If you have any questions, please give us a call.


 Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Fair!


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