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4-H Youth Development
4-H Vegetable Marketing Project
Posted 3/12/2024 by Kyle Y

Calling all enrolled 4-H youth ages 8-18 with an interest in gardening and entrepreneurship! Fulton-Montgomery 4-H and the CCE Eastern NY Commercial Horticulture Program present the 4-H Vegetable Marketing Project, which will provide expert guidance on planning and planting your garden, harvesting & marketing your produce and exhibiting produce at the Fonda Fair! Youth participating in the project will receive started plants/seeds and 5 workshops throughout the project series. Youth participants will also be linked with local farm stores where they can sell their produce and be able to visit some local produce farms over the summer.
If this program sounds like to fun to you, please review the attached flyer and registration packet. Registration form (last 2 pages of the registration packet) with project series fee of $20 is due to the 4-H office by Monday, March 25th.
Full workshop list is included in both the flyer and registration packet.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Interested in 4H Horse Drill, Quadrille or Parade Team
Posted 6/29/2023

Calling all 4-H youth interested in forming a 4-H Horse Drill, Quadrille or Parade Team!

Forming a team is a fun way to interact with your horse and friends in a whole new and exciting manner.

What are these teams?  Briefly explained…..

Drill Team consists of 6 to 12 horse/rider combinations that perform a 5 to 10 minute choreographed routine within a  66’ X 198’ area (the dimensions of a large Dressage ring)

Quadrille consists of 4 horse/rider combinations that perform a 4 to 6 minute choregraphed routine within a 66’ X 132’ area (the dimensions of a small Dressage ring)

Parade Team consists of 5 horse/rider combinations that perform a 3 to 5 minute routine within a 40’ X 200’ area (the width simulates a street as if performing in an actual parade).  All riders must carry a flag or pennant while riding.

All 3 types of performance teams usually execute their routines to music, although not required, it adds another      element of fun.

Interested in learning more or participating on a Performance team?  Please contact the 4-H office at 518-853-2135 for more information.


2022 4-H Mystery Chick Project
Posted 2/8/2022

4-H youth with an interest in the poultry project and learning the life cycle of poultry are highly encouraged to participate in the 2022 4-H Mystery Chick Project!   
Participating youth will have the option of completing the entire project through the growth of the hatched chicks or they may opt to only hatch the chicks and return them.


4-H Virtual International Showcase
Posted 4/2/2021

4-H Clubs, Families, and Independent members are invited to “travel the world” for 4-H Virtual International Showcase in Fulton & Montgomery counties!  Each Club, family or  individual(s) will choose a country, research it and make a presentation to share virtually for the 4-H International Showcase.                   




2021 Animal Crackers
Posted 4/1/2021

2021 Animal Crackers—All Creatures Great & Small

When/Where Animal Crackers 2021 “All Creatures Great and Small” to take place virtually via Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the month of May. There will be 8     session.  Each session will begin at 6 pm and will last approximately 45-60 minutes. This year’s program will highlight the following species: dairy, sheep, goat, rabbit/cavy, poultry, equine, swine, and dog/cat.

WhoThe program is geared to 4-H members involved in animal science projects. Youth are strongly encouraged to attend with their parents or chaperones.  Suggested age range is 9-12, however, all youth 9 and up are welcome.

Why: This is a unique opportunity for youth to experience hands-on activities, explore career options in animal science, and expand their knowledge through scientific inquiry.

Accessibility: We are committed to providing universal access to all of our events. Please have your 4-H Educator contact Barb Jones at bjj6@cornell.edu before the registration deadline to request disability accommodations.  Advance notice is necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs.

Registration County 4-H educators will register youth via the CCE Event Registration Site and will be billed directly for the         registration fee.  The registration fee covers all eight (8) sessions and learning materials.

Cost: $50 for an individual registration, which covers all eight (8) sessions; $10 for each additional registrant shipping to the same address. This extra charge will go to cover the additional learning materials that will be sent directly to the youth. The link to the workshops will be sent to the educator registering the youth. The County CCE office making this registration will receive an invoice for these charges.

Registration closes April 1, 2021 for planning purposes.


4H Public Presentation Workshop
Posted 2/16/2021

Tuesday, February 16th   6:00pm - Via Zoom

   If you have never participated in 4-H Public Presentations before, only given one presentation or need a little help to find a topic and get started, then this workshop is for you! It’s never too early to start thinking about a topic you would enjoy talking about and what kind of presentation that you would like to give at this year’s 4-H Public Presentations Event on March 19th.  This informative and fun workshop is for both cloverbud and regular 4-H members.  The workshop will feature some tips about selecting a topic and creating a poster and/or visual aids. Youth participants will also learn the parts of a presentation and how to organize their thoughts.  Each participant will gain some practice in speaking in front of others.

 A minimum of 5 youth must be registered for the workshop, or it will be cancelled.  To attend you must RSVP by Thursday, February 11th.  Call 518-853-2135 or e-mail ky292@cornell.edu to sign up. In case of cancellation for any reason, only those who have registered will be notified.


4H Trick Dog and Costume Contest
Posted 12/16/2020

Starting January 1, 2021, two NEW virtual opportunities are open to NYS 4-H members. Promotional flyers are attached for both Winter 2021 Trick Dog and Costume Contests. Entries for the first round will be due digitally by January 31. Registration links are included in the attached flyers. This opportunity extends through March 2021. For more information contact Liz Meacham liz.meacham@yahoo.com

Trick Dog Contest

Canine Costume Contest

4-H International Pen Pal Program
Posted 11/12/2020

4-H International Exchange Winter Pen Pal Program. This a great way for youth ages 9-18 to engage with other youth from around the world while also building skills in writing and cultural learning! The attached document provides details regarding this pen pal program. If you have any additional questions regarding this program please direct them to Autumn Lavine at aml84@cornell.edu

Fulton-Montgomery 4-H Outdoor Challenge
Posted 10/1/2020

Complete at least 5 trails from a challenge list and receive a certificate of completion for that 

challenge. If you complete 5 trails from each of the three challenges, complete the scavenger hunt 

and include photos of your experience in each challenge

journal, you will receive the Trifecta certificate and a small prize.

All certificates and awards will be presented at 4-H Recognition Night.




4H Project Showcase
Posted 8/25/2020

The 4-H Project Showcase is a chance to display some of the exciting project work that Fulton-Montgomery 4-H youth do throughout the 4-H year. We encourage youth to participate and have their projet work and experience recognized via an online slideshow and community static diisplays.

To participate, enrolled 4-H youth ages 5-19 must submit a photo of themselves including 4-H attire and/or the project, a photo of the 4-H project alone and the short 4-H project experience statement form.

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